About Us

Founded in 2005, BeneFinity is an independent marketing and management consultancy specializing in developing and providing our clients access to the best ancillary benefits (also called voluntary or worksite benefits) available in the market from leading product and service providers.

Specializing as a B2B aggregator and provider of unique, turnkey ancillary products featuring low cost, high value and minimal marketing effort/expense, BeneFinity collaborates with affinity, association and employer organizations, product service providers and marketers to provide exceptional products and services to their constituencies through creative partnership and co-branded programs. We work with clients and partners that include associations, affinity groups, employers, insurers, service providers, third party administrators/marketers, law firms and the financial/investment community. We offer focused, cost-effective, innovative and personalized consultancy and marketing solutions as a trusted advisor to meet the objectives of our clients. Additionally, we offer carefully pre-screened, quality products, and services at substantial discounts not available to the everyday consumer. These plans come from leading companies who understand and tailor their offerings to the affinity/association group and employer market.

About Us

We Are Independent!

Our professional management and marketing consultancy independence permits BeneFinity to collaborate with all players in the benefits industry. Our vast experience and deep understanding of the interest, concerns and needs of employee, association and affinity group, charities, utilities, insurers, financial, educational, government, and political/lobby channels, across all stakeholders, allows us to bring together the appropriate market players to deliver the appropriate value and solutions to our clients. Our deep affinity and benefits market knowledge and vast experience developing products and marketing solutions are key to how we deliver unique value to our clients. We identify, evaluate and coalesce quality solutions by bringing together innovative product and service providers and affinity groups, employers, marketers and brokers. This collaborative approach helps our clients and partners enhance constituency growth and customer satisfaction, long-term loyalty, deploy new benefit programs, marketing/communication channels, and generate new revenue streams.

Business Model

Our Unique Business Model Benefits You!

Tired of dealing through brokers and middlemen when you’re looking for new products for your organization and constituencies? Want to eliminate high fees that adversely impact carrier and service providers’ profitability and value to the end users? BeneFinity’s new and unique business model is the solution you’ve been looking for!

We seek out new, innovative products from product and service providers looking for markets and contract with them to get the word out to potential customers about what they have to offer. We pre-screen products and services from leading providers so you don’t have to, and put you directly in contact with the manufacturer, then we step aside. You work out specific program details and pricing directly with the manufacturer, free of interference from middlemen who may be more interested in preserving their compensation levels than in providing good value or reasonable profit margins.

If this sounds like a better way to do business, take a look at the programs we offer access to, then contact us and we’ll put you in touch with the principals directly at the source. No middlemen, just you and the product manufacturer of only the benefit programs that fit and meet your organization’s unique needs.

Our Vision and Mission

About Us

Personal and professional integrity, treating our clients with trust and respect and acting in the best interests of our clients underpins all we do as a trusted advisor to meet the needs and objectives of our clients. We are committed to being an industry leader in the development and delivery of exceptional ancillary benefit products and services that enhance our clients and their members, customers and employees relationships. BeneFinity’s vision and mission is to lead the industry with innovation in developing and providing access to high quality, affordable, technology-enabled, turnkey ancillary benefit solutions from leading product and service providers.

We strive to:

    • Enhance and add quantifiable value to the mutually beneficial relationships between our clients and their members, customers and employees;
    • Collaborate with our marketing and product and service provider partners to deliver access to desirable, business-to-business and direct-to-consumer target markets; and
    • Deliver professional and independent management and marketing consultancy services, personalized to whatever the scope of our client’s and partner’s needs.